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Captain Kenny Ensminger


A New Orleans nativ­­­e, Captain Kenny Ensminger’s experience and familiarity with the waters will make your fly fishing charter or spincast fishing charter exciting and productive. In 2005, after experiencing the devastation of Hurricane Katrina firsthand, Captain Kenny made his passion for fishing into a full-time business . With over 40 years of experience fishing the southeastern Lousiana waters, he knows how to put his clients on top of the big fish to help them reel in the catch of a lifetime.


        Captain Kenny


Regardless of your experience, Captain Kenny offers a variety of fly fishing charters throughout the vast Louisiana waterways. From  fly fishing in the wide open waters to fly fishingin the backwaters, Captain Kenny will test your angling skills with their exciting fishing charters. You'll traverse the the immense winding rivers, estuaries and into the wide open waters of the Gulf in search of your trophy catch. As you tail your trophy catch through some of the best fishing territory in the country, the Captain will offer some excellent fly fishing and spincast fishing tips to help you bring home the Big Fish.

2532 Hudson Place.
New Orleans, LA 70131

Cell Number: 504-427-8396

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