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New Orleans Native Captain Kenny, Offers Thrilling Fly Fishing Charters in the New Orleans Area.


Louisiana is packed with amazing fishing grounds. From extensive, winding waterways to the massive estuaries and the wide open waters of the Gulf, Louisiana is an angler’s dream. Captain Kenny in Louisiana will bring that dream to life with one of his thrilling fishing charters. 

   Louisiana Fly Fishing


There’s nothing like fishing in Louisiana. Captain Kenny offers fly fishing  trips for anglers of all skill levels. From seasoned veterans to the newbie angler, our fishing guides are dedicated to ma­king your excursion one you won’t forget.




Kenny. Thank you for being such a great sport and putting up with my good friend Russell. I will wash and send back your boff you were kind enough to let me borrow. Thanks again for your patience in letting us have some great time on the water.

                       -Best. Jon Nakagawa.


 Thank you very much all that you did for Jon and me. Jon might disagree with
 me, but I think we had more laughs than fish (which in the overall scheme of
 things is good).

                             - Russel 



On Wednesday 12/11 I fished with guide Captain Kenny Ensminger out of New Orleans  and had a great time. We launched out of Hopedale, LA south of town and motored about 30 minutes into the maze of tidal marsh that is east of the main Mississippi channel. The weather was cold but sunny, so we were able to site fish for resident and bigger migratory redfish the entire day. We quietly poled around the tidal marshes looking for them in the shallows next to the grass line. I had never seen a redfish in the wild before, much less hooked one, so I was pretty thrilled when we spotted the first few fish. I managed to hook and land 5 reds (5, 8, 9, 11, 15 pounds) and had a brief shot at a couple that we estimated were at least 20 pounds.  The quality of the fishing is outstanding, with very few other anglers and an enormous area to explore. The size of the redfish can't be beat too. Captain Kenny did a great job and is a real pro.

                                                  Tim R. 



Hi Captain Kenny!

"Thank you for working so hard taking us out.  I am no stranger sadly to bad conditions - but it makes those days when it comes together all the better….  I was very taken with the idea of sight fishing for redfish and will try and come back some time soon for the winter fishing…  When I do I will be in touch."

                                                       Sam C. 


“I had a really great time fishing with you on Thursday.  You are a very fun guide to fish with, and I would love to cast to some redfish again.  Next time I'll bring a rod so my accuracy won't suck so bad!  You have some amazing fly fishing in your back yard, and those redfish a hoot.  It was pretty amazing just spotting some 20+ pounders cruising the shallows like that; my hands were shaking.  



2532 Hudson Place.
New Orleans, LA 70131

Cell Number: 504-427-8396

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